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Red carpet presence

A publicist helps get clients publicity. In the entertainment industry, publicity comes in many forms, but one of the best ways for an actor/actress to get plenty of publicity is to be seen walking on the "red carpet" at events and premieres on a regular basis.

When the media starts to see an actor/actress on the carpet regularly, it helps build the perception that he/she is someone important!

Branding a client on the red carpet at special events is also one of the keys to improving popularity and overall public image. The red carpet is where an actor is seen by producers, directors and others in the industry that may be good networking contacts. These events are also great places to get your name out and network, not to mention they are also a lot of fun.

Now you might ask, "how do I get onto the red carpet if I am not famous?" What most actors/actresses don't know is that you don't have to be famous to get invited to walk the red carpet at premieres. There are many opportunities to walk the carpet for even the newest entertainers in the industry. Hollywood hosts many independent film premieres that have red carpets and good media coverage because several of the actors in the film are well known.

Five-Star PR can help you get on the carpet and develop a positive public image and fan base. We work with people of all levels and can help you develop your public persona to increase your visibility. Whether you are a rising star or an established celebrity with many credits, we can help guide you and maximize your exposure to the industry. We will help you get invited to red carpet events, establish a social networking base, and get your name out there!